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I Have An Opinion

I Have An Opinion (and you need to hear it!!)

COLLECTED from blogs that were started in 2009, IHAO takes a swipe at all the subjects that matter in the 21st Century, from 'The Bachelor' to 'The 11pm News' (and what it is not reporting.) It offers a guide to some of the more important acronyms used on Facebook (do you know the meaning of PIPSF?) and challenges form in terms of how a book should present itself. Thoughtful, engaging, and opinionated ~ on every topic that matters, including death, dysfunction, and diarrhoea...


ISBN: 978-0-9877361-1-6
Published: October 14, 2011 • ebook




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"Although it is not my normal style, I found this to be a very good read, possibly because I agree with most of the opinions presented in this book. I did find this book to be well thought out and written." — BBP (Illinois), Amazon review.