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Datuk R.G. Barrett

ON THE ADVENT of Japan's widening interest in occupying Asia, R.G. Barrett, 21, boards the steamship Menelaus bound for Singapore...  Starting out as a cobra-battling Tapping Assistant on Sapong Estate, he is eye-witness to World War; the end of colonial rule; and an active participant in the formation of modern-day Malaysia ~ his efforts are acknowledged by the newly-formed government of Sabah who make him the first European awardee in Sandakan of the Panglima Darjah Kinabalu.  The year he is first formally referred to as Dato R.G. Barrett is 1963.


ISBN: 978-0-9877361-3-0
format: e-publication
Library and Archives Canada

Published April 29, 2014


*Due to the ongoing discovery of additional documents since May of 2014, this publication is a work in progress.  Information within is subject to change.  Pricing has been set accordingly.*


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