North Door 37 Publishing

North Door 37 Publishing

offers insights on the anthropology of today's gamblers, hammers, and all other types under the sun, including those who refer to themselves as Dragons, Tigers, and Snakes (no-one really wants to admit they are Pigs, although that too is covered.)  

Home to artist and author Hope Barrett, North Door 37's focus is entirely digital — from art, storefront, to eBooks. 

North Door 37 holds as truth two things: 'less is more' and 'without darkness, how do we appreciate light?'  These two themes are integral to the design and theme of our eBooks and digital art.  Our eBooks are available through:


  for Kindle owners;


 — which is linked to Chapters/Indigo (Canada), Livraria Cultura (Brazil), Mondadori (Italy), La Fnac (France), Swindon Books (Hong Kong), Bookworld (Penguin, Australia),  Angus & Robertson (Australia), Whitcoulls (New Zealand), and these independent ebook sellers:

University Press Books (Berkeley, California)  •  Mrs Dalloway's (California) • The Book Seller (Chicago) • Bank Street Bookstore (New York) • Secret Garden Books (Seattle) • Antigone Books (Tucson) • Books Inc (San Francisco)


 as of November, 2012.  The selection is not complete as we have encountered problems uploading some titles, but we continue to try and make all titles available.  Our books on Apple are available through the iTunes store and Apple's iBooks app.


 as of November, 2015.  As we are just starting to upload titles to Barnes and Noble's site, this selection is not complete but aims to be up to date by 2016.


For the most current updates and to catch up with us in realtime, stop by at


Contact email:


Kindle, Kobo, iBook, and Nook 

Our eBooks are currently available for the following eReaders: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Kindle (and all smart phones that allow for the Kindle app), KOBO (and all smartphones that allow for the KOBO app), Android, Windows 8, Samsung Galaxy, and Nook.


How to Access Our Books:        

For the novice in the digital world of epublishing, here's the good news: it's easy.  Kindle and KOBO sell devices that make the whole process a push of the button and, viola, the book is on your device.  Let's say, though, you have an iPad and you want to access the Kindle library.  This is how you do it:

1.  Go to iTunes Store and 'Search' for the  Kindle app 

2.  Download it.

3.  Set up and account with Amazon by providing an email to connect to your Kindle app.

4.  Due to the fact that Apple wants you to buy from their bookstore, you have to buy your books from Amazon's main site.  That means you have to go to Safari or click on a link like this one.  Or this one.  Even this one.

5.  At the top right corner you will see a button that says "Buy now with 1-click"  Click on it.

6.  Amazon will confirm you have purchased a book via the email you used to open the Kindle account (so make sure it is a working email.)

7.  Now open Kindle app.  The book you just purchased is now part of your Kindle library.

Congratulations!  These instructions work for KOBO's app   and Nook.