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You're An Animal!

You're An Animal!


DOES your date disappear to the washroom every time the bill comes?  Do you want to know who ate all the pie and left the crumbs?  From the irreverent author of Somebody Get Me A Hammer and the Fartalot series, You’re An Animal! answers these questions with bite and not everybody is going to be happy about it...  Author Hope Barrett marries Chinese astrology with actual historical figures, offering us the insight:  "History may give you a multitude of reasons for what happened to the marriage of Henry VIII and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon; Chinese Astrology offers you the short and precise version: Pig and Snake."

Unique in the astrology marketplace, You're An Animal! is both historically and zoologically interesting.

ISBN: 978-0-9877361-5-4
Published February 28, 2012 • ebook



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"The Author is far too Cynical for me in his descriptions of the Signs. he uses the worst and most extreme examples of each sign to describe their qualities. He doesn't ever get around to describing the good qualities as he's too busy lashing the reader with the bad. All of his descriptions of the compatibility between the signs end badly. Thus it would seem no one is compatible with anyone!... Don't buy this book!" —J. Ah-Rhaman, Amazon       [Obviously a Rat. ~ Ed.]