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OH... #11

It's 1963 and something weird is happening, an alien from the year 2002 has suddenly appeared outside Bonnie's Country Market in Oregon.  Actually, not so much an alien as a librarian who thinks she's a secret agent; meanwhile, in 1995 tech wiz Stephanie Grey (actually a secret agent) finds herself enlisting the help of Immola from the Luna Legion.  One crazy jam that combines the creative efforts (can we say talents?  Sure) of three cartoonists —Reum, Hilty and Hope— into a single time and story-line.  Limited copies available.


ISBN 0 9516990 9 1
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Reading the back issues sure proves the saying "You don't know what you're missing..."  Particularly #11.  So I had to get #16, 17...  Add one more to the waiting-for-#1-5 collected list.  Do it with the covers, 'cause I've never seen 'em.  And dammit, but I'm missing Tomboy: #9
I don't really read comics except in the papers.  However, never mind the hows, whats, I've gotten hooked on OH.  Just another addiction.  Habitual like potato chips and strong coffee.  And I didn't want to start collecting anything anymore.  Sigh.  ~ Victoria Buncio, from "Letters", OH#18