North Door 37 Publishing


North Door 37's evolution finds its birth in print, and the publishing 'house' B Publications.  Established in the UK in 1990, B Publications first release was the political comic anthology Crisis ~ Chinatoon Tales.  In 1991, it moved its headquarters to the West Coast, and started soliciting the work of women cartoonists, getting responses from the likes of Joan Hilty, Dianne Reum and Leanne Franson, as well as the attention of Naiad Press's Barbara Grier.  The first issue of OH..., a quarterly, was published in December of 1992.  The case for digital versus print is clear when consideration is given to the boxes and space these back issues have taken up, and yet, their very existence reminds us: there is durability in paper for those who choose to make it so.   This comic anthology/magazine is no longer in circulation but pristine back issues that have been in storage may be purchased via the links provided.