North Door 37 Publishing

Art & Illustration

Artist Hope Barrett has been doodling since, well, forever... In 1986 she created her first comic strip 'St Hilda's' which was published by The Hong Kong Standard's "Student Extra".  This was followed by  the weekly strip 'Spray,' published in the South China Morning Post's TV&Entertainment Times in 1987.


After a hiatus from both writing and drawing to walk the beaches of Fiji and learn that 28 is ooo-oold to an eight-year-old, Hope moved to Canada where she launched the comic anthology OH..., introducing librarians to Emerald Street and her fantasy spy/zonked-out-super-robot world.

In between Hope has experimented with pencils, oils, acrylics, Chinese brush painting, and,  as of 2010, discovered the clean and no-waste world of digital painting.  Now for hire, the artist's prices do NOT include the cost of shipping.


Hope's work has also featured in the anthologies Strip Aids, Chinatoon Tales; magazines Manx Life, Curve (formerly Deneuve); newspaper Isle of Man Examiner; advertising: Cryllex (IOM), Jeroliat Farms (IOM).


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