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Discovering Oscar

Discovering Oscar


"THE classic mid-Victorian pantomime was essentially a fairy play with comedic elements and as such, it was fiercely defended by critics such as John Ruskin and Charles Dickens Jr, journalist son of the great novelist. The man they held chiefly responsible for the 'music hall invasion' was Sir Augustus Harris, the manager of Drury Lane, popularly known as 'the national home of pantomime.'

"But in the 1880s and 1890s he was seriously challenged by the now forgotten Oscar Barrett who first at the Crystal Palace and later in the West End staged delicate and elegant Christmas shows of the old kind. His Cinderella at the Lyceum was hailed by some critics as a perfect example of the genre."
~ Jeffrey Richards, The Independent 

ISBN: 978-0-9877361-2-3
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Published August 23, 2011



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"I'm so happy to know more about this fascinating man. The painting I have is very accomplished, and I always believed I'd learn more about this artist in time."~ Jackie Clark, artist.