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TODAY I spoke to a Mother. She was filled with pride for her sons: one would soon be leaving for London to study law, the eldest had a PHD; the youngest was not only having a ball as an event-planner, he was also making good money. "Only 27," she said with pride.

These successful sons were also all unapproachable when it came to asking for help with funds. "I can't...," said their mother.

Today I spoke to a gambler, one of those lucky ones who actually jackpots. Enough to get management's attention. The highs of these wins made the artificially lit-world of the casino her home for a time. Of course, every gambler knows: in the end, 'the house always wins.' So this jackpotting gambler has sold real estate, shares, and is now 'broke.' Not to the point where she no longer has a home, but on the razor's edge where certain bills aren't getting paid, and eating certain foods feels like an indulgence. The credit cards are maxed out and the car's gone.

Smoking is still good, though.

Today I sat with what Chinese Astrologers call a Snake woman. You recognize them for their inclination to wear dark sunglasses inside. Look, but don't approach.

We drank tea.

Snake people are one of the few in Chinese Astrology who end up answering the door and discovering karma on the other side.

Today I listened to a Snake talk about karma. I listened to a mother acknowledge that she could not possibly ask her son for help because when he was in need —and she had plenty— she ignored him. At that point in her life story, she could have given him $10,000, or more, but she opted to pursue her happiness of giving generously to the casino.

He was, she said today, educated, after all; what more should he need from his mother?

Karma really bites.

Late in the p.m. I find myself thinking: how is it that we cannot talk to the people who are supposed to love us the most about our struggles; about how we could do with a little help. And why is it that when we do, someone who can afford to help makes the choice not to? ~ Hope

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Written by Ad min — September 14, 2017

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