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WITH ALL the hullaballoo about North Korea hacking Sony's internal operations because of the movie The Interview, is it on your radar at all that American operatives tortured a number of innocent people unnecessarily? No? Not only has the Sony story managed to promote a mediocre film to improbable heights, but it has distracted the general public from the hard and ugly news about how America operates. After all, the enemy is not within; the enemy is always outside.

Last night we saved a ton of money by not going to the theatre but watching "The Interview" provided as a download service. First you should know this: it uses the 'F' word a lot. Some of the satire is funny but it is definitely for a younger audience and the ones we had with us were squirming: from wanting to laugh out loud at the bad jokes, to trying to hold decorum because they were watching it with the adults and, well, it kinda makes you itchy and scratchy to have parents around while you are laughing uproariously about things shoved up butts.

I don't get what the big deal is with Seth Rogen, but then I am not 17-years-old, male, and easily amused by a storyline that is rife with sexual machismo and innuendo. I did laugh here and there, as we all did. But I know that if you put a bunch of 17-year-old males together, with adult supervision, they would be laughing a lot harder. One day, when Rogen has decided he is a grown up, he will probably make a very fine movie (the sweeping outdoor shots are visually brilliant) ~ but The Interview is definitely cable fare and I'm glad I did not have to spend another $30 plus on it by going to the theatre.

Many have suggested that the leak was actually a publicity stunt (…) ~ even with Obama applying further sanctions on North Korea.

NBC News reports Obama reason for applying further sanctions is because: "'We take seriously North Korea's attack that aimed to create destructive financial effects on a U.S. company and to threaten artists and other individuals with the goal of restricting their right to free expression."

Yet, Obama has shown no proof that North Korea is actually the source of Sony's attack. Nor is Sony an American company. Its origin and head-office is still in Japan.

This begs the question: what are we really being distracted from?

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Written by H B — January 03, 2015

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