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LAST night, in a fit of insomnia, I tried knocking myself out by watching the television and reading the news simultaneously, scrolling down the smaller screen to read about an oxygen mask that had been found around the neck of one of the passengers on MH17.  For those of you who have picked up a copy of our publication The Number 22, published earlier this year in response to Malaysian Airlines first major air disaster ~missing flight MH370~ you know that we have a theory that numerology is actively recording certain events under a series of numbers that keep turning up over and over again.


When MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014, it was a deliberate act of restraint not to add the numbers together and see if this flight, too, came under the universe's file for the number 22.  But last night I found myself looking at the numbers again and this is the freaky thing: the date that Malaysian Airlines lost its second flight in an air disaster comes to a 22!


Let me re-summarise North Door 37's ebook conclusion on the double 2 before going further: first, this number often travels with the numbers 4 and 8, because  2+2 breaks down to the prime of 4 and by the same token, two fours go into an 8.  Second, these numbers appear to be associated with events in the universe that one might call destiny, versus determination.  By this I mean, we may determine we wish to do something but it is up to destiny to allow us to get there ~ or in the case of a 22, not.


By now you perhaps have already revisited some of the numbers I am talking about and noted the date of Malaysian Airlines second air disaster ~ at least superficially.  The 17 breaking down to 1+7 = 8  But what makes it infinitely more interesting is when you add all of it together, like this:

July = 7

2014 = 2+0+1+4 = 7

17= 1+7 = 8

Sum total: 7+7+8 = 22


Malaysian Airlines MH370 that disappeared out of the skies without a trace, did so on March 8, 2014. Its flight number breaks down to a 22, or the number we haven't yet discussed in this blog ~ the universally recognized 13 ~ before being distilled to the prime of 4. 


For those who did not get a copy of our ebook (frown, frown) here is how the alphabet breaks down in Numerology:

A, J, S =   1
B, K, T =   2
C, L, U =   3
D, M, V =  4
E, N, W =  5
F, O, X =   6
G, P, Y =   7
H, Q, Z =  8
I, R =        9


So you can now see that flight MH17 becomes the numbers: 4,8, + 17.  In this equation, the math takes you the number 29 or 2+9, which gives us a Master Number of 11.  What some numerologists equate with New York's twin towers.  Master Numbers ~ all those that repeat themselves 11, 22, 33 ~ are not meant to squeeze themselves nicely into one of the nine Primes on offer, as they are infinitely superior.  Like a King (Edward VIII was a 33) versus a commoner (Mrs Simpson, most likely a 4).


Another probable 4 or 8 is the guy who was hauled off United Airways flight 845 (8+4+5 =17) on October 8, 2014, by men in Hazmat suits, as he shouted: "I am not even from Africa."  And the reason he was taken off?  He thought it would be funny to say, after sneezing: "I have Ebola.  You're all screwed." (CNN)


And this brings us to a project we are currently working on (amongst a list of titles racing like turtles for the finish line):

   COMING SOON...  In the meanwhile, for those of you interested in learning a little bit more about numerology and who still haven't got a copy of our ebook The Number 22, you can get a copy here.



Written by H B — October 10, 2014

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