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    KAKAVAS’S last hope for some correction in the state of his finances was dashed in 2013 by Australia’s High Court when Justices Robert French (Chief Justice), Kenneth Hayne, Susan Crennan, Susan Keifel, Virginia Bell, Stephen Gageler and Patrick Keane failed to acknowledge he had a “special disability.”

     Rather, they took the approach that “[g]ambling transactions are a rare, if not unique, species of economic activity in a civilised community, in [where] each party sets out openly to inflict harm on the counterparty…”

     Like the Hunger Games, but with different stakes.

     They noted that before Kakavas’s turn of luck, “he made a lot of money at Crown’s expense [and that] between 24 June 2005 and 13 March 2006, he had made profits of over $2.69 million….”

     It made perfect sense to their honours that Kakavas first had to put in around $480.5 million to make that money. One cannot, after all, have profit without investment. So what if it took Kakavas a year to make that profit and Crown was taking the same amount of money in 28 minutes. In these seven judges eyes (because I am not seeing any account of dissent in the final verdict), Crown Casino and Kakavas were equals.

     Nobs with too much money.


(from the chapter "The Highest of High-Rollers")  Coming to an ebook reader, um, soon...

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Written by H B — October 09, 2014

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