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    ALWAYS interesting to read opinion pieces from the those who do NOT live in Hong Kong as to what the protests are about and why they will not succeed. So far on my live feed: one from a French guy (not one sentence on the French Revolution and why France is now a Republic), one from an expat American hiding out in Scotland (apparently did not do any history on the American revolution)... this dude from Shanghai (who can offer the reader a brief history of places like Kiev and the Ukraine, but not how the Communists of China came into power ~ also, originally a movement by students...) ----->


Each of these individuals talk about how free Hong Kong is currently, but none of them are willing to talk about the students real concerns: what happens in 2017 when they are voting-in only individuals approved by China? Unlike the American system, and the French (the Canadian one leaves a lot to be desired), when a leader is obviously corrupt ~ the press have no hesitation in saying so and insisting there is room for change. (Here in Canada we may insist but it is a bit like Hong Kong, businesses are sidelining the future for today's profit....)

Yes, currently Hong Kong students and press can say what they truly think of CY Leung, but what happens in 2017 and after? This question is not being answered, not even by the pro-Chinese.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International is going on the line to say the police not only condoned attacks on the peaceful protestors, officers stood by while pro-establishment individuals sexually assaulted female protesters, and did nothing. Read:

The argument that the police can choose not to protect protestors because they are the ones who are causing the problems is sad indeed. Already, then, the mindset is that peaceful protest should never happen. One should accept one's fate and do nothing because whoever is in power is always right. With current day arguments for why those in power should stay there, it is clear that someone like Hitler would have been left alone so long as Germany did not invade any other country.

So long as China does not attempt to crossover to Russia, or take 'back' Taiwan and Japan, its leadership is equally benign. We can ignore the question of Tibet because who really cares? The Dali Lama is free. Final read:

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Written by H B — October 06, 2014

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