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"The story is very captivating and enjoyable..." ~ Nikki Gosch, Jan 27, 2014

THIS SHORT story was started at the beginning of 2012. To all appearances, looking like it was headed in the direction of a dirge. And then one morning something changed. In dealing with the question: where should it go from here? — it decided to create life-forms of its own: Grief, Despair and Denial. After introducing themselves in black leather jackets and Harleys, the story stalled.

Things were going from bad to worse...
It needs some levity, I thought.
And then it stalled again.
I gave up.

I shelved it and worked on something else that needed completion. Forget Heels! made it to the finish line in August of 2012. Hallelujiah.

This November (2012), while working on the diversion, Deceit, I hit a bump. Not again?!? I went in search of the cats. Nope, no inspiration there. So I went into my cyber file and revisited other projects that I might finish and came across the Diabolical file. Nah! But everything else offered up "Stop Work" signs. I clicked on Diabolical to see where it was at...

I found myself laughing. It said to me: here is how it finishes. So I did.

It is probably one of my favourite stories. ~ H.
(This 'blog' originally posted on Goodreads, November 25, 2012)

 DIABOLICAL is also available in Italian.

Written by H B — January 28, 2014

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